Instituto Católico para a Formação de Professores is an East Timorese Institution committed to the formation of school teachers [Ensino Basico] for all the thirteen districts of East Timor. It has the specific focus of forming fully qualified professional teachers within an environment influenced by the values of Jesus and the gospels within the context of the Catholic Faith and the culture of East Timor.

 The Institute is focused on inviting its students to become fully engaged in an educational process that will empower each student to become a leader in the field of education [Ensino Basico] in the years to come, and a leader within their own local community.

 The Institute is committed to enhancing those skills essential to quality teaching and learning with the context of an approach that is student centred rather than content centred. Our role modelling is to walking gently yet firmly with the students in their teaching and learning.

 The Institute is committed to engaging the students creatively through hands-on learning experiences in their exploration of life and the learning of those skills in numeracy and literacy that will open up for them a whole new world of critical thinking and questioning that is so integral to becoming a person of service, especially educational service, within their community. The key to becoming such a person of service is that of empowering each individual student to become fully engaged in their own learning.

 The Institute is committed to being a lighthouse for advancing quality East Timorese curriculum and education with the people, Church and nation. It is committed to advancing a culture of leadership in the country.

 The Institute is committed to enabling its students to develop those qualities that will empower them to “become good citizens and good Christians” (Saint Marcellin Champagnat). One of those qualities is a genuine love for students: “To educate young people one must first love them, and love them all equally” (Saint Marcellin Champagnat).

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