National Accreditation

The Institute was formally accredited as an institute of higher education in 2008. It was the first time that such an accreditation process had taken place within East Timor and the Institute was only one of two institutions that received a 100% grading from the international evaluation team.

The Institute undergoes an annual review conducted by the international review team under the umbrella of the National Agency of Accreditation and Academic Assessment (RDTL). Their summary comments over the past two years are as follows:

“This is an extremely well managed institution with clear conception of the requirements of evaluation leading to quality improvement. It focuses on a single degree which has a significant role in the training of Ensino Basico teachers for Timor Leste. It has clear policies and procedures which are systematically applied.”

“There is a good management team supported by a simple but effective management system. It continues to apply a stringent selection procedure. The prudent and focused investment in collections coupled with creative solutions to the internet will ensure ICFP as the leading training provider in Timor Leste.”

We are focused on ensuring that the quality of the courses offered at the Institute is internationally quality assured. Australian Catholic University validates the quality of the courses being offered and provides the graduating students with the Bachelor of Teaching degree from Australian Catholic University. This means that students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Teaching degree will be able to further their studies in education at a post-graduate level internationally. The Bachelor of teaching Program is recognised internationally because of this validation

The results from the institutional accreditation process for 2015 were released at the end of June, 2016.  The process was for those institutes that had been accredited in 2008, and provided opportunities for those institutions in Timor-Leste to show their development in the years since then.  ICFP was delighted to again receive a score of 100% – the only institute in Timor-Leste to achieve this twice.  Thanks to the work of all staff, ICFP has demonstrated its success in providing outstanding teacher formation for schools throughout the country.  Comments from the assessors who came from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines reinforced the commitment to provide quality in all aspects of work in the Institute

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